Klockriketeatern, The Crossing, Robert Maggio:

Aniara: fragments of time and space

From Klockrike to Aniara - through space and back

A choral-theater work, over three years in the making, 
with The Crossing (USA), Klockriketeatern
and composer Robert Maggio.

The last spaceship to leave a dying earth veers off course
and heads into eternity; her passengers are left to face
the emptiness within and without. Based on the epic poem
by Nobel Prize winner Harry Martinson, Aniara follows
the physical and emotional voyage of this group, thrown
permanently off course, headed toward the constellation
Lyra, forever.

Combining theater and composed music, Aniara explores
the relationship between disparate practices and genres of art,
while asking questions about our relationship to one another,
to Earth, and to the passage of time. Sometimes cold and brutal,
at other times touching, it is a ruthlessly honest view
of human nature.

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Composer: Robert Maggio (USA)
Libretist & directior:Dan Henriksson (FI)
Conductor: Donald Nally (USA)
Costume designer: Erika Turunen (FI)
Scenic designer: Joonas Tikkanen (FI)
Sound designer: Nick Tipp (USA)
Choreographer: Antti Silvennoinen (FI)
On stage: The Crossing -ensemble, Matti Raita and Carl Alm (Klockriketeatern,  Antti Silvennoinen (Wusheng Company)
Production: The Crossing (USA) & Klockriketeatern
Aniara: fragments of time and space is a collaboration between The Crossingin and Klockriketeatern produced in co-operation with Wusheng Company and Finnish National Opera.


June 2019, Christ Church Neighborhood House, Philadelphia
September 2019, The Finnish National Opera, Helsinki