New Drama in Russia

The seminar is postponed due to Covid, a new date will be released shortly

Production: Klockriketeatern & Theater Info Finland (TINFO)

Languages: Russian and English

How Finnish and Russian performing Arts Professionals Collaborate Despite Changing Winds

Venue: G18, Helsinki and Youtube

Time: September 2, 2021 at 3-5pm

Production: Klockriketeatern & Performing Hel

Language: English

Performing Hel kickstarts our new Russian Project


Klockriketeatern is one of the official partners of Performing Hel 2021, a showcase for Finnish and international presenters & theatre, festival, and cultural directors.

At the same time, we are launching our new Russian Project with two open seminars:


New Drama in Russia

What is going on in the contemporary Russian drama? Are there topics or themes that could be recognized as trends? Where to start if you’re interested in cooperating with Russian theatre makers or wish to commission a work? How to reinforce the contacts with our Russian colleagues?

Klockriketeatern has invited two foremost Russian playwrights, Mikhail Durnenkov and Maria Ogneva, to talk about their work, landscape they work in and the future perspectives. Performing Hel guests are most welcome to join and participate in the discussion!

Mikhail Durnenkov (1978) is one of the most important and acknowledged contemporary Russian playwrights and screenwriters. His plays have been translated into numerous languages and performed at theatres around Europe, including Finland. Durnenkov has been awarded the most prestigious theater prize in Russia, The Golden Mask, several times.

Maria Ogneva (1988) is a playwright, screenwriter, tutor, translator, and a member of the Lubimovka Young Playwrights Festival Collective. She is the curator of the modern drama contest Little Direction and the story editor of the Film Studio of Children’s and Youth Films. Maria has won multiple international drama prizes, including The Climax, First Reading, and the Russian literature contest Debut.

The event is held in Russian and English, and moderated by Anna Sidorova, a translator and program director at Cultura Foundation promoting Russian culture in Finland.


How Finnish and Russian performing Arts Professionals
Collaborate Despite Changing Winds

The official opening seminar of Performing Hel will discuss perspectives and possibilities of collaborations with Russian artists. Read more here.


Both seminars are free of charge and open to everyone