VUOSAARI 21 – Tracing good life

Art, culture and free events in the Vuosaari area throughout the fall of 2021

Klockriketetatern, KOM-theatre and the Finnish Museum of Photography have been collaborating around different art and culture experiences in the Vuosaari area for the past six years. Together with local people and organizations we have been exploring the secrets of a good life.  

This polymorphous collaboration manifests as an arts and culture festival in Vuosaari in the fall of 2021.

All of the events are free of charge and open for everyone!




Aug 15th | Dances with trees
Vuosaari 21 Autumn Festival opening

at 4–5 pm in Lokkisaarenpuisto, Vuosaari

An ode to nature, connection, listening and shared joy. The mossy birches, the robust pinewoods, the persistent junipers, the curved willows and the slightly sorrowful spruces invite us to a dance. The songs of the wind and the birds mix together with the mellow tunes of harp, contrabase, saxophone, harmonium and percussions. Aerial dancers soar off the branches of the surrounding trees. 

The venue of the performance is located outside, so please dress according to the weather. Due to the difficult landscape of the park, the event is not accessible by wheelchair. The event is organized following the latest Covid-regulations.


October 1st | Premiere of the short film Päähenkilöt

At 6 pm in Vuotalo, Mosaiikkitori 2, Vuosaari

"I sit here. Always. This pond is my living room"

In the northern part of Vuosaari, near the old mall, there's a pond. More often than not, a group of people gathers here. All of their paths leading to the pond have been very different. The Vuosaari 21 team wanted to get to kow the and hear their stories. As it got colder, the storytellig continued at a local pub.

Based on this we created the short film Päähenkilöt, the Protagonists, i which these humane life stories are told by a half fictional character, the so-called jaitor of the pond.

The event is free of charge!



From October 11th  | Vyöhyke V | Zon V | Tsooni V | Зона B | Aagga V | V منطقة

At the old Vuosaari High School, Vuosaarentie 7

A multisensory exhibition & performance in collaboration with the artist collective KOKIMO.

November 21st | World premiere for the choir piece Kangaslammen rannat

At the Vuosaari Light Festival