The fictitious rendezvous between Marat and de Sade is organized by the patients of Charenton mental hospital. They are preparing a play about Marat’s death and the historical circumstances that led to it. The play is directed by de Sade - who is a Charenton patient himself.
During a three year period Klockriketeatern is going to examine the novel Aniara by Harry Martinson. What layers do we find in the story, how does it sit in comparison to todays society - and is there still hope for mankind?
The three musketeers Athos, Porthos and Aramis fell asleep in 17th century France and woke up in 21st century Vienna. Without no possibility of going back, they must go forward. Go and explore the mysterious lands of Eastern Europe and do what musketeers do - fight. Only for what and for whom?

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 Finlands international nomad theater

Klockrike is a nomad theatre company, that wanders the world like the drifter that Harry Martinson describes in his novel The Road. We drift across boarders to new places, asking queestions. Humanistic values are used with the performing arts as a medium.

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