Aniara: fragments of time and space is Klockriketeaterns biggest work to date. Aniara is a choral theater piece and a co-production with the Grammy Award winning chamber choir The Crossing (USA). This cosmic tale is based on Harry Martinsons epic novel.

The fictitious rendezvous between Marat and de Sade is organized by the patients of Charenton mental hospital. They are preparing a play about Marat’s death and the historical circumstances that led to it. The play is directed by de Sade – who is a Charenton patient himself.
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Multilingualism in theater: How do we understand spoken text? How does the message reach the audience, despite language – and by what means? In our book Adventures in Languageland (2019) and in different seminars we present creative solutions for making multilingual theater. Download a summary of the book for free here!

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 Finlands international nomad theater

Klockrike is a nomad theatre company, that wanders the world like the drifter that Harry Martinson describes in his novel The Road. We drift across boarders to new places, asking queestions. Humanistic values are used with the performing arts as a medium.

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