August 15 - November 21, 2021

Klockriketetatern, KOM-theatre and the Finnish Museum of Photography have been collaborating around different art and culture experiences in the Vuosaari area for the past six years. Together with local people and organizations we have been exploring the secrets of a good life. This polymorphous collaboration manifests as a festival consisting of different events in Vuosaari in the fall of 2021. All events are free of charge.


This carnivalesque interpretation of William Shakespeare's classic honors the original language and text, while bringing the age old questions of power and honor to a present day context. Perfomances in Finnsh and Swedish at Universum Theatre House, as a co-production with Sirius Teatern.

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Conversations about performing art. Together with artists, scholars and other theater professionals we discuss different aspects of creating and experiencing theater. You can subscribe to Shakespearepodden in your own podcast app.

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– Finland's International Nomad Theater

Welcome to Klockriketeatern!

Our first production, Harry Martinson's Vägen till Klockrike (The Road), premiered in 1991. In 30 years we have grown to become one of the most important free threaters in Finland.

Our repertoair is international, multilingual and culturally diverse, as well as deeply rooted in the Swedish language. We are a nomad theater without a permanent space – the world is our stage. Collaborations, multi-artistic practices, socially relevant themes and uncompromising artistic qualities are fundamental to our work.

From the year 2022 Klockriketeatern has been included in the system of government transfers (statsandelar, valtionosuus/vos). This means that our funding is even more stable and continuous than before.


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