Nästa andetag - Duncan Macmillan's Lungs

Lungs is about love, life, and one's ecological choices. As a conscious and active citizen you know that having a child is not the best decision for the ecological footprint. But you also know that you wish to have one. Right here, right now.

A carefully designed, minimalistic chamber concert about life's most important decisions and peculiar little details. Global issues are being tackled in a reduced manner, showing the importance of a personal decision.

Two actors on stage just with the text and a musical world that echoes beyond time and space. The scenography was created by the Young Artist of the Year Ville Andersson.


On stage: Stina Engström & Matti Raita 
Directed by: Dan Henriksson
Set & costume: Ville Andersson
Lights: Pietu Pietiäinen
Musician: Uli Kontu-Korhonen
Technician: Anton Sidorik




Photo: Laura Karen




Breathe in, fill your lungs and act,

before you're out of breath