Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is a co-production with Sirius Teatern


This carnivalesque interpretation of William Shakespeare's classic honors the original language and text, while bringing the age old questions of power and honor to a present day context. Tragedy, comedy, blank verse and glitter toga.

DRAMATURG: Per Ehrström
SET DESIGNER: Milla Martikainen
ON STAGE: Wilhelm Grotenfelt, Minni Gråhn, Tuuli Heinonen, Paul Holländer, Johanna af Schultén

At Espoo City Theater the role of Brutus is played by Sanna Stellan.

We are doing our best to make the theater experience as safe as possible for everyone during this global pandemic. Please read more about our safety precautions here.

Premiere November 13th 2020
at Universum Theater House

Language: Swedish

Nov 13th at 7 pm (sold out)
Nov 16th at 1 pm (sold out)
Nov 17th at 1 pm (sold out)
Nov 18th at 1 pm (sold out)
Nov 19th at 1 pm (sold out)
Nov 20th at 7 pm (sold out)
Nov 26th at 1 pm & 6 pm CANCELLED
Nov 27th at 7 pm CANCELLED
Nov 28th at 7 pm CANCELLED
Dec 1st at 1 pm CANCELLED
Dec 2nd at 1 pm & 6 pm CANCELLED
Dec 5th at 7 pm CANCELLED
Dec 9th at 7 pm CANCELLED
Dec 10th at 7 pm CANCELLED
Dec 12th at 7 pm CANCELLED
Dec 15th at 7 pm CANCELLED
Dec 16th at 7 pm CANCELLED
Dec 18th at 7 pm CANCELLED
Dec 19th at 7 pm CANCELLED

Premiere in Finnish
at the Espoo City Theater

Wed April 21st 2021 at 7 pm
Thurs April 22nd 2021 at 7 pm


Language: Finnish 

Julius Caesar will be performed
in Swedish
at Universum Theatre House
in the fall of 2021.