October 11-31, 2021

A multi sensory site sensitive exhibition & performancel, inspired by the stories, feelings and realities of the local people in Vuosaari – and by the old Vuosaari High School building. A co-production with the artist group KOKIMO, as a part of the Vuosaari 21 project.


August 15 - November 21, 2021

Klockriketetatern, KOM-theatre and the Finnish Museum of Photography have been collaborating around different art and culture experiences in the Vuosaari area for the past six years. Together with local people and organizations we have been exploring the secrets of a good life. This polymorphous collaboration manifests as a festival consisting of different events in Vuosaari in the fall of 2021. All events are free of charge.


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– Finland's International Nomad Theater

Welcome to Klockriketeatern!

We are a free theater company based in Helsinki, Finland.

Like nomads, we wander the world and drift across borders, to new places.
Asking questions – about ourselves and the other.

We collaborate with other theaters, groups and artists in Finland and internationally.

Humanistic values are our core and the performing arts are our medium.


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