Performances at Åbo Svenska Teater in february and at Espoo City Theater in april 2021

This carnivalesque interpretation of William Shakespeare's classic honors the original language and text, while bringing the age old questions of power and honor to a present day context. Tragedy, comedy, blank verse and glitter toga. A co-production with Sirius Teatern.

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Multilingualism in theater: How do we understand spoken text? How does the message reach the audience, despite language – and by what means? In our book Adventures in Languageland (2019) and in different seminars we present creative solutions for making multilingual theater. 

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Finland's international nomad theatre

Klockrike is a nomad theatre company, that wanders the world freely.
We drift across boarders to new places, asking questions – about ourselves and the other.
We believe in humanistic values and use the performing arts are our medium.