Multilingualism as an artistic practice

19.04.2018 hrs 16:59
Our universe is multilingual. Our theatre is usually not. Is multilingualism an issue in the culture of theatre? Is it counterproductive? What are the challenges in creating theatre in a multilingual context? Why do we do it? And why wouldn’t we?

Klockriketeatern has been actively working bi- and multilingually in different ways for the past seven years. Yet every process is different, every constellation is new. Are there any lessons to be learned? We want to find out.

On May 18th, we would like to discuss our experiences with working multilingually on stage, and how this practice affects the end result; the play that is presented to an audience, and the personal development of the artistic team. Research shows that very few theatre companies involve multiple languages in the artistic work, and - with the exception of Berlin - very few theatres offer surtitled performances. The topic of accessibility is an important one, but our main focus is on the artistic work itself. Welcome to join the talks, in any language you prefer.

When? Friday May 18th @ 14:30 – 17:30
Where? The Finnish National Theatre (4th floor), entrance from the main door, Läntinen teatterikuja 1, 00100 Helsinki
Who? Guests will be presented soon! Stay tuned

Our coproduction with Von Krahli Theater Ice will be performed after the seminar at 19:00 at The National Theater's small stage. Participants can see the show for 12e by confirming participation at before 11.5.
Information about the show: