I had imagined a paradise for them

Klockriketeatern's chief, Dan Henriksson, writes about Harry Martinson’s Aniara, about artificial intelligence, art and light.Read more »

"I'm not interested in affirming anyone's morality. I'm interested in asking questions"

Donald Nally, conductor and artistic director of Grammy Award winning chamber choir The Crossing, talks about how art can affect society, and about his own relationship with Harry Martinson's Aniara.Read more »

Multilingualism as an artistic practice

Our universe is multilingual. Our theatre is usually not. Is multilingualism an issue in the culture of theatre? Is it counterproductive? What are the challenges in creating theatre in a multilingual context? Why do we do it? And why wouldn’t we?Read more »

Community art: from viewers to makers.

After a couple of years of Klockriketeatern's community art project Kätketty Vuosaari, we want to discuss and share tools with our colleagues about community engaged art.Read more »