The Open Call has now ended. We have revieced a substantial amount of submissions of the highest quality from female and non-binary authors, interested in crafting a short literary piece.

Selected works will be showcased on stage during the 2024-25 theater season.

The Nobel laureates for the inaugural season are:

SVETLANA ALEKSIJEVITJ (2015) – recognized for her multi-dimensional narratives, serving as a testament to the endurance and bravery amidst contemporary challenges.

ANNIE ERNAUX (2022) – celebrated for her bold exploration of personal memory, alienation, and societal constructs, delivered with clinical precision and courage.

SELMA LAGERLÖF (1909) – honored for the noble ideals, imaginative richness, and profound emotional resonance woven throughout her literary works.

TONI MORRISON (1993) – renowned for her visionary storytelling and poetic depth, offering profound insights into the intricacies of American life.

HERTA MÜLLER (2009) – acclaimed for her evocative portrayal of displacement and homelessness, combining poetic intensity with stark realism.


Klockriketeatern, in partnership with Svenska Folkskolans Vänner, is pleased to introduce Nobelfesten – an innovative initiative featuring a series of newly commissioned literary works. Over the upcoming theater season, we will showcase a collection of ten brand new short texts, performed on stage before live audiences, each drawing inspiration from the works of five Nobel laureates in literature.

For the inaugural season of Nobelfesten, we have made a deliberate decision to extend invitations exclusively to female or non-binary writers. In a collaborative exchange with a female Nobel laureate, these writers will craft original pieces, aiming to create a fresh and distinctive literary landscape.

Through an Open Call we have revieced a substantial amount of submissions of the highest quality from female and non-binary individuals interested in crafting a short literary piece.

We are looking forward to presenting bold and innovative endeavors, ones that may root themselves locally while resonating universally.

This season the inspiration is drawn from the works of five distinguished female Nobel laureates: Svetlana Aleksijevic, Annie Ernaux, Herta Müller, Toni Morrison, and Selma Lagerlöf. The chosen writers task will be to compose an artistic commentary, a counterpart, or a response to a personally chosen original text or to the collective oeuvre of the Nobel laureate.

What's to come

Throughout the 2024–25 theater season, we are proud to present a series of five distinct events. These evenings promise captivating explorations of literature across various genres, featuring a blend of classical education and cultural discourse.

At each event, a Nobel laureate’s work will be joined by two distinguished writers, each focusing on a selected text. This unique program format provides not only the perspective of the Nobel laureate but also two additional voices in response. The texts will stand on their own merit and will be complemented by insightful analysis, contextual background, and engaging conversations.

Our inaugural lineup features the esteemed Nobel laureates Svetlana Aleksijevic, Annie Ernaux, Herta Müller, Toni Morrison and Selma Lagerlöf.

Nobelfesten will take place at the SFV House G18 in Helsinki. Further details regarding the Nobelfesten’s concept and our collaboration with SFV will be shared at the onset of the theater season.


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Nobelfesten is presented in collaboration with Svenska Folkskolans Vänner (SFV).